This One’s For North Carolina

March 25, 2016

Me & Martha

Road trip

Two of my favorite words in the English language. I dusted off the old beemer (Martha), loaded her up, and we headed back east. Wind in my hair, gas in my tank. On the agenda, cooking (and eating) in Amish country, a stop for a cuppa red rose at my Nan’s grave site, and finally, winding my way south through the gorgeous smoky mountains for a luxurious stay at the Biltmore Estate.

Made it safe and sound. North Carolina, I think I love you. Never been called baby so much in my entire life, and down here, its actually super sweet ya’ll. This kind of talk would definitely never fly back home, so I’ll enjoy it while I can. So totally stoked to be calling you home for a spell.

State Line


View from the mirror lake. To windy to catch a reflection this time.

Thousands of people visit this historic American home 365 days a year. So it’s somewhat rare to enjoy a peaceful moment out in the Italian garden with nary a soul in sight.

The Italian Garden

Makes it easy to re imagine myself as Lady Mary Vanderbilt. Please indulge me then, as I share my stay at this magnificent house, like it’s mine. All mine. As far as the eye can see…

A Quiet Moment at Biltmore

The large white buses no longer wind up and down the endless drive picking up and dropping off the thousands of daily visitors. The last of the major crowds has headed back to reality, and the Mansion seems to let down her guard and take a deep breath. In these sacred quiet moments, Biltmore can transport you rather quickly back in time. Ladies appear in the latest french gowns. Gentleman in finely tailored suits. Liveried Butlers and footman stand at the ready. anticipating every wish and need.

This is the picture of the privileged upper class life in 1890 most easily imagined. But spend a bit of time here and you begin to discover there is a much softer side to this grand house. Aside filled with love, friendships and laughter, and an unprecedented dedication to this land and the extraordinary people that made it thrive. Its a quite shockingly genuine expression of hospitality and welcome, as the family continues to open their home, personally sharing the grandeur of prized art collections, extensive libraries, heirlooms, fantastic food and wines, so that any one of us might experience life as a Vanderbilt, if only for a moment.


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