Just Eat It!

September 5, 2016

I’ve never seen so many sausages. Danish. German. Irish. Polish. Italian.

Sausage. As far as the eye can see…

I also have to admit, if it wasn’t for such a good cause, I might have been a smidge disappointed in the Orange International Street Fair. But, since every dime of profits from those colossal bangers goes directly to fund more then fifty non-profits dedicated to serving our local communities, I’ll take two please with extra kraut.

Even though the history of The Fair can be traced back to the original event in 1910, it wasn’t until the centennial celebration in 1973 that the tradition was revived. The event proved so popular that it has been held every Labor Day weekend since, for the past three decades. There’s more to see then just sausage. Local crafters and artists, live entertainment, unique shops that grace the circle are open for business, beer tasting from each country, and there’s plenty of traditional sweets to go around.

One that intrigued me: Dansk Aebleskiver. Danish Donuts. These globe shaped delights are a cross between an American pancake and a light airy French popover. They get a cute round shape as they cook in a special cast iron griddle that I can’t wait to get for the marymeals kitchen. The friendly Danes let me watch as they prepared these delicious pastries.

Pouring the batter

Flipping the Aebleskiver

Dusting with sugar and pouring on jam! Ready to EAT!

All in all, not a bad way to spend part of my Labor Day weekend. With its picturesque location, the historic circle in downtown Orange is the perfect setting to step back in time, stroll the closed-off streets, and sample some delicious food traditions from all over the world.

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