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Asian Dumpling Soup

I’ve worked hard all day and have little stamina left for a time consuming home-made meal. A quick survey of in-stock ingredients yields little: frozen Japanese dumplings filled with chicken and veggies + chicken soup mix+ fresh basil that has seen better days. In the MaryMeals kitchen, sometimes the best tasting dishes are created out of a simple yet somewhat bizarre list of ingredients. The key is to be fearless! I decided that the dumplings are similar to won tons and I love a good cup of won ton soup so why not steam the dumplings and toss them into a broth topped off with fresh herbs? My desperate quest for a fast yet super satisfying meal yielded another great dish I’m sure to make over and over again: a super tasty unbelievably easy dumpling soup. The Trader Joe’s brand chicken gyoza dumplings are a particularly tasty choice since they are stuffed with shredded carrots, herbs and cabbage which adds a great flavor to the soup. It would also be a tasty addition to add some thinly chopped scallions.

Asian Dumpling Soup

1 pkg. frozen Asian dumplings (commonly labeled as gyoza, or potstickers)
2 tbsp powdered chicken broth
4 cups boiling water
3 leaves fresh basil chopped

Steam dumplings according to package directions. Bring 4 cups water to a boil and mix in broth powder. Add dumplings to soup and top with chopped basil. Serve. Super easy; super delicious.

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  • This looks so good!! I’m going to try and make some today. Thank you!

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