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Baker coffee table by Michael Taylor

Google at a garage sale…

It wouldn’t seem likely that a last minute stop at a garage sale would unearth a lost treasure. Especially when that treasure came in the form of an old, water stained, and much abused coffee table. To its credit it did have a few things going for it. One, it was made of solid wood. Two, it had a brass emblem under the top that identified it as a piece of Baker Furniture. Well, since Baker happens to be a really nice furniture company, especially back in the day, and because the lady practically gave it away I came to be the proud owner of this sad, but solid coffee table. Since Google and I are on a first name basis I whipped out my phone and typed in baker furniture coffee table. It didn’t take long before I knew the production date, guest designer, and value of my new piece of vintage Baker furniture. It turns out my table was designed for Baker by the late Michael Taylor some time in the mid 1950’s before he became famous for being the “father of the California look in modern interior design.” This is a rare piece and while it might not be worth millions (YET) its certainly more than I bargained for! After a good cleaning and a wax job its a showcase, and my living room will now be truly entertaining in its “California” style.

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